Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Inner City by Karen Heuler

Anthologies are a bit like amusement parks: the quality of each one varies, as does the audience it's geared for, and you never quite know which story you're going to enjoy the most!

The Inner City was especially fun because, man, it was like a literary theme park. You've got Dystopian Land* where creepy people mess around with the world in a Dark City sort of way because they like to fuck around with you.

*Not the actual title.

Then there's the Evil Petting Zoo* where babies morph into animals, dogs turn into humans, and fish start to act like they think they're in a certain Hitchcock movie.

*Again, not the actual title.

And then there's the It's a Mind-Fuck-After-All Ride* where you ride it four, maybe five times in a row and you're still not quite sure what just happened, only that you're soaked for some reason and you're pretty sure that a monster lunged out at you on the last drop.

*You know the drill by this point, I hope?

I really enjoyed this collection. It's got all the pluses: pretty cover, unique ideas, magic realism, fantasy, science-fiction, genetic engineering, talking animals, dystopians, and so much more!

Thanks, netgalley, for providing me with this AWE-some read!

4 out of 5 stars.

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